Sunday, May 12, 2013

       Why Indigenous  aka black Americans don’t love their Mothers
 Written by RaDine Amen-ra Harrison
Presented by FIAAH

I often wonder how a child could grow up and have no care compassion, or concern for the females who supported the nature of Life as  mothers. Females who  freely gave nurturance  to their young, Females who  have worked  hard and  for a long time to make opportunities to improve the condition of their lives; as well as taken chances and  made sacrifices, on the behalf of their children as a way to create a opening to  giving the life of their children a chance to find their way in a social  political system that’s preys  on them.

 Unfortunately, all too often the Females are abandoned by the indigenous males in the support for the continuation of life on Earth ; puts a double burden on the   females as mothers   in their effort to support the young. The overtime at work  put in by Females being mothers in their efforts to acquire needed resources to sustain the simple security and protection needed for their humble homes, or even a little extra to create a nice time, or  buy a new pair of shoes. The time and endless energy spent towards keeping their nest going for the sake of the children Is experienced all over the world.  Although some Mothers  persevere better than others.
For over 500 years Indigenous American females of the Earth have had to persevere thru their lives with  being hunted like animals, fear, betrayal, abandonment, neglect, physical abuse, sexual abuse, deception, and enslavement. Yet they have persevered and continue to serve their main purpose to the Earth and bring forth life on  Our Earth  We are dying but we are still trying.
Billions of indigenous American females have perished from the constant attack against them  from living under colonial captivity. Forced to live a life on their Earth without protection and often with out care, compassion or concern from the males collective they produced to protect them,  regardless , they still strive.
 For Century’s mothers grandmothers, aunts, elders,  and sisters  collectively go out of their way to protect our boys and some girls from the systematic predators that are lurking to snare them. Yet, our children have no  value for the life that has been given them , , instead they place very high expectations for what they should receive from the Females for giving them life. There is  no gratitude in their attitudes  only ridicule, criticism, dis-respect  of the females that produced them.
  I have traveled  to many countries and have witnessed many cultures, and I have found there is a unity and general respect  towards females as mothers.   .. I often wonder if our children were born in Palestine or Iraq, of Yemen, or Congo, Bangladesh where most children do not spend time with their mothers, because their mothers work 1000 hours a week,  would they look at their mothers in such a valueless light.  Everyone understands  the purpose of females as  Mothers, as long as the females are producing there kind there is a chance to make a better day. We may not like the conditions we are born into, but as long as we are alive we have a chance to create a better condition for our peoples in the future…. This simple fact, seems to go ignored among our children because our children lack this simple consciousness.
What is  a Mother?:   Mothers are females  who support the continuation of their species on Earth. All indigenous Females represent  portals for the planet to reproduce itself. Females who support the process of Earth reproduction are called mothers.

Why do our people feel we can trash  the  indigenous American females for the Earth and we as a People produced from her live without  any consequence?
 Maybe because our children see their mother  erroneously as a SLAVE .
 The next question is- To whom?
To our males ,society, children, to life itself or all of the mentioned. With this classification” females as slaves” are considered a commodity, someone to be exploited, used, a care taker, someone whose life’s accomplishments have no value . Yet ,it is our accomplishment contributions to life on Earth that keeps the world we live in thriving today. Many of us  hold attitudes towards our mothers as if they are our personal slaves, they are beholding to us and we have no obligation to them, this is not true .
The question all of our people should be asking is  how can this be?
If  females give us life on Earth, why  would the Earth make them the slave to what they produce for the Earth.. Life is a gift. If females become the slaves for producing their purpose for the Earth, then why should females produce life on Earth at all. We would not be having this discussion, because there is no “Life” to discuss.
 When we accept this erroneous attitude towards our females as mothers, we are saying that we agree to our Mothers enslavement, abuse, rape, neglect, violation,   abandonment and abandonment with Children; we also are saying we accept our  collective enslavement. As a result of these errors in our  thinking  and attitude we live in a state of fear and powerlessness. Welcome to black” America’
We should remember some serious facts ; without the indigenous American female there is no indigenous male aka” black Man”
There is no black man Sovereignty, there is no homeland, because there is no inheritance of heritage  to live on Earth there is no life for a people into  the future. The inheritance  rights to Earth as land comes from indigenous American females our Mothers. Our Sovereign rights  so many of our brothers like to claim comes from our Mothers.
 Yet, many of those same brothers hate the Females right to be respected for her rights, would kill her in a minute. The truth is All indigenous male’s rights to Earth come from the indigenous Female’s who produce and suckled him. So whatever  you collectively let happen to her will be  what you are, if you allow her to be enslaved your right to be free will be taken, Spit on her, you will be spat  on.
Indigenous Americans AKA blacks have for the last 500 years operating from corrupted erroneous thoughts which has assumed the reality of truth, leaving us acting as selfish children. If our Mothers are not free then we the people are not free. Many of us like to claim   we have rights but ignore  to respect where they come from.. We owe the highest regard to our Mothers . Without  their constant sacrifice to  continue to be portals for Earth regeneration, we would not have a claim to life to make.
We as indigenous Americans are cursed because we collectively hate our females, when we hate our females we hate our connection to our Earth, and therefore Earth doesn’t owe  us  anything in life.
Too often it has become easy for our people to blame all the ills of our people on our  females, the only  part of our people that is holding on to the life of the people,  and ignore the simple fact the outcomes we see as the result of the deterioration of the  life condition we have put  our females  in; and from the constant emotional wounds inflicted by the people who life she upholds.
Its time to stop the lies.  We need to recognize our truth and return to correct thinking and “Consciousness”. The truth is our females have done a wonderful job  as Mothers, they still have found a way to continue to support life on our Earth  while living thru a war that aims to exterminate them from making our race on our Earth.. It time  indigenous Americans aka black Americans get a wake up call and smell the roses before it is to late. 
 Attitude Change-  the key to healthy living and prosperity
  I often realized  when you ask people who have found a way to have a productive and prosperous life, they always tell of how they love their mother. Could there be a connection to respecting the value of our mothers and our ability to have a  Conscious happy, healthy life experience?
Could it be valuing our Mothers is the key  for respecting our life shared with us from Earth.?
Yes, the connection is our mothers are the portals that the Earth has used to bring consciousnesses in human form. The use of her blood and life energy was used to create new life on Earth. If our mother never does anything else for us  in Life, the simple fact that she shared her blood energy to progress life forward on Earth by producing YOU is the greatest gift she could give. The greatest consciousness of being ones best and the greatest accomplishment to bring forth  a healthy, strong  new life form is one of  the highest ideals to produce from life for life on Earth
Regardless of what happens with her life, regardless of her weakness as a result of  the challenges from the society that prevail against her as a portal for the progression of life on Earth ; she prevailed and produced YOU, healthy and strong, capable of facing  societal challenges against your life and  prevail. Then “Gratitude” should be in our attitude instead of condemnation and hate. If you don’t like the condition of life you was born into, then it is up to you and your generation to change , correct the horrible mistake of the past and make life on our Earth better for our future….
One of the Solutions to return to Consciousness;
Show some  Gratitude as care for  the females whose blood was strong enough to make us the people , we are today as our Mothers.
Change our Attitude for our life from our mothers  as having no value to the highest value. From living our lives with  indifference, irresponsibility,  and abandonment of our Consciousness and change our Attitude   to  respect, consideration, empathy, so we can experience true happiness , growth, and prosperity as a productive conscious part of Earth . You want a prosperous life,  the next time you see your Mother think of her as  a reflection of Earth and put some Gratitude in your Attitude.
Let gratitude be your Attitude towards your Mother and watch how life will  improve showing  gratitude in its attitude towards you .